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FIFA Tournament - Wiki

There will be a reasonable amount of effort to smoothly administer this tournament, however we think it will be worth it. Remember this will keep the kids socialising with their football team mates, keep that competitive edge that they're so used to with regular football - and of course provide them with some form of football engagement that is fun. We think the effort will be worth it!

Thinking of Registering? (Back to top)

First off you should probably confirm you have at least 4 players that are keen to represent your team (which must include players that have Fifa 20 of which at least 2 are PS4 players and at least 2 are Xbox One players). You will almost certainly find you have many more than that, and so will need to think about how you will allocate your players to fixtures (if you have a really big squad, you may wish to enter more than 1 team, but they must meet the criteria above). For the group stages, you may decide to rotate all your players, so that they all get opportunity to represent the team. For the knockout stages, you may continue this approach or have your own qualifiers to establish your best players.

Team co-ordinator role (Back to top)

If you're reading this page, you are likely your team's co-ordinator, This role is responsible for all communications with the tournament organiser as well as the players. The Co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring all matches are played on time, and results are posted with the relevant evidence.

Getting Started (Back to top)

Once you've registered your team, the Co-Ordinator should collect a list of their players, documenting which ones have Fifa 20 on PS4, which ones have it an Xbox One and have their gamer tags / IDs. A template to help can be found here.

Tournament Structure (Back to top)

Once all registration activity has completed, the tournament organiser will create the overall tournament structure. This will likely comprise a round robin group stage followed by knockout stages. All fixtures will be published on the Bris Jrs Fifa Tournament website, and co-ordinators will be contacted.

Age Groups (Back to top)

As this is our first tournament, we don't have any real view on how popular this will be and how viable it will be to group ages. Therefore this will be done on a best endeavour's basis and as a minimum an effort will be made to put similar ages together in the groups.

Play your matches (Back to top)

So, the tournament is on, and it's game on. Now it's time to allocate your players to the fixtures. All fixtures will comprise 4 games (2 on PS4 and 2 on Xbox). Both Home and Away teams must email the tournament organiser the players that they intend to play for each fixture - this is necessary at least 2 days before the fixture deadline. The Team co-ordinators will get an email back with all gamer tag IDs (these will not be published online). This will enable the players to connect on PS4 or XBox and arrange the fixture.

Example (Back to top)

Knockout fixtures (Back to top)

The 4th and final game of the fixture could result in the aggregate score ending up as a tie, despite the 4th fixture itself not being a draw.

For example:

match #1 2-1

match #2 2-1

match #3 1-2

After 3 matches, aggregate score is 5-4.

If match 4 ends 0-1 (or any 1 goal away win), the final aggregate result would be a draw.

In such an instance Fifa wouldn't offer extra time or penalties.

In this instance, the players would need to play a futher game of 8 minutes (4 min each half). In the event that this extra time match is a tie, then the players would play a penalty shootout.

Gameplay (Back to top)

Teams to choose: Any National or League team (no all star teams such as Adidas All Stars(

Game Mode: Head to Head, 1 on 1 (not FUT)

Game Duration: 12 mins (6 mins per half)

Game Speed: Normal

In the event of a draw: No extra time or penalties - draw result is posted

Streaming (Back to top)

We will be encouraging players to stream their matches via popular game streaming site, Twitch. This will enable the whole team to watch their teammates in action and cheer them on.

Charity Donation (Back to top)

Each team will be asked to make a £10 donation to our preferred charity - Children's Hospice South West.

This charity is very close to the heart of Bris Jrs as they provided invaluable support to one of our families.

A link to a justgiviing page will be provided in due course.